It is advisable to use a non-breaking space (also known as a hard space, Crtl+Shift+Space) to prevent
the end-of-line displacement of elements that would be awkward at the beginning of a new line:
• in expressions in which figures and abbreviations (or symbols) are separated by a space (e.g.
17 kg, AD 565, 2:50 pm);
• between the date number and month name (e.g. 3 June or June 3);
• in other places where breaking across lines might be disruptive to the reader, especially in
infoboxes, such as £11 billion, June 2011, 5° 24′ 21.12″ N, Boeing 747;
• after the number in a numbered address (e.g. 123 Fake Street) and before Roman numerals at
the end of phrases (e.g. World War II and Pope Benedict XVI);
• before a spaced en dash;
• between a person’s initials or their name and title as well as in certain brand names;
• in French before certain punctuation marks (guillemets, colon, exclamation or question mark).